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What's On This Page

01. The story of how I got my Minimoog.
02. Minimoog Operation Manual Downloads in PDF format.
03. Where to buy a quality copy of the Minimoog Op/Tech Manuals.

04. Minimoog Technical Service Manual Schematics in GIF format.
05. Minimoog Technical Service Manual Replacement Parts Lists in GIF format.
06. Minimoog Operation Manual Schematics in GIF format.
11. Don't forget those interior Circuit Board Photos (separate page)

07. Minimoog Sound Charts in GIF format.
08. Minimoog Operation Manual Downloads in GIF format (reference).
09. Links!!!

10. Interior Circuit Board Photos of a 1973 Moog Minimoog (separate page).
11. Exterior Photos of a 1973 Moog Minimoog.

How I got it

This was the big deal. I always had a mental block on spending a lot of money on synths. My preferred price had a ceiling of about IE£200 (about $270), which equalled a polysynth. Anything under this was always very welcome. But Mini's are a different kettle of fish. Firstly, they cost a lot more. Secondly, they're almost impossible to buy in this country (Ireland). I was looking at an International sale, probably via eBay. Believe it or not, I had also barely heard a Minimoog first hand, and was mostly basing my opinions on reviews and recordings. (Actually, the best "live" Minimoog I had heard up to that point was at the hands of Brian Kehew when he did his "Close Encounters" Minimoog solo at the start of an "Air" gig in Dublin's Olympia Theatre - it sounded truly spectacular, so many thanks Brian)

As one of my pre-going-for-it measures, I decided to ring the only person I had ever met who owned a Minimoog. I used to work in the same company as him, and he had casually mentioned it one day in passing (much to our amazement).

I rang him, and we had a chat about Minimoogs. He warned me about earthing problems in foreign Mini's and generally gave me usefull advice. But the conversation got him thinking about his own Moog. In the end he asked me to ring him back a few days later whilst he considered selling a dormant, attic-bound 1973 Mini.

He decided to sell, and we agreed on a price that was in his favour, but which was fine by me. I essentially paid (old) eBay money for the peace of mind of a synth with history. I've monitored Moog prices since, and I still reckon he got a good price. This has kept karma police off my door.

What to say of the mini itself. At first glance I thought it to be the most georgous tiny piano I'd ever seen. The lid was removed from its case in a half lit room. All I saw was deep walnut, an array of large silver-capped controls, thin white legend. It also seemed really big. There's no doubt that the mini's an impressive machine visually, particularly with the control surface recessed. I was then given a tour of the sounds, intrigued by the difference in technique between my myself and this veteran synthesist. Sounds were all full, more often with the filter open, and very little resonance was used when the filter was actually applied. Now I know that this is just the minimoog's forte.

So I own a Minimoog. My opinions of it since November 2000? It's very, very, very, very nice. I still play it mostly through earphones, with no accompaniment other than my old reverb unit. It has an extrememly clear sound that is gorgeous to listen to. I'll often play simple melodies rather than anything alternative or experimental. All in all I'm extremely happy with my Minimoog, and proud to own such a fine example of a musical instrument older than me.

Downloads - put up by me.

Yes, the tragic joy of giving something "back" to the internet. For all those early number minimoog owners with no manual, a nice printer, a fast web connection, I give you 300dpi, 150dpi and "quick look" scans of my own operation manual (including the schematics at the back), as well as printable PDF replicas that match the exact format,
fonts, and diagrams of the original operation manual.

November 2002 - I now own an original MInimoog Technical Service Manual as well.
I'll try and scan it soon, or at least the important parts...

PDF Manual Replicas - Brand New PDF Files from fjp

Yes, there are already quality PDF Minimoog Manuals online (created by Mike Hall - and he also has html versions), but I wanted to make a PDF file that matched my own pre-Norlin manual in every possible detail. If you choose to download a PDF Manual, here's what you'll be getting:

1. Formatting is identical - font size, leading and line breaks are 99% accurate.
2. Paragraph and title formatting matches my old pre-Norlin manual page for page.
3. All diagrams are 300 dpi original scans placed in their original locations.
4. Type corrections have been removed - you get what I see on my old yellowed paper.
5. It's free.

NOTE: I now have a Norlin operation manual as well, and I have to say that's it's quite different to my own manual in many respects. I may try and scan the Norlin at some point in the future, but just be warned - you're downloading a replica of the older manual, not that super-spanky Norlin manual.

The Big Thanks:
I don't mind the scanning, Photoshop, Quark and Illustrator work, but I hate the typing. This would explain why the text in these PDFs is based on Mike Hall's aforementioned original PDF Manuals. It's been tweaked a lot and I had to take out a few bits to make it match, but without this asset quite a few more hours would have been spent at the computer. So thank you, thank you, thank you Mike. I consider this to be no more than an elaborate refinement of your original work. Thanks also go to NeoLASE for doing some subliminal stuff that helped get this thing done. And yes - we're working on tracking down a Technical Manual that I can do the same thing to (Nov 2002 - she's in the bag).

The Bitchy Bit:
Work is still work, and I'm trying to help people out by putting these online. Here are some things I would NOT like to see happen with these files:

1. Selling them as a PDF file on eBay: pure evil.....
2. Printing them out and selling them on eBay - please mention that they're online for free here. If you do that, I've no problem with you providing an option for printerless people.
3. Hotlinking the files (linking to the files but bypassing this page). Hmmmmmm.
4. Mirroring the files but not giving me a link (all I get out of this are hits - leave me my precious hits).
5. Boy am I paranoid. But I'm typing this at 3.34am.

Comments or Problems with the Files??? Please mail me.
I've done my best here, but would appreciate feedback in case of errors.

Download the PDF:


minimoog operation manual (8.5MB)
This is the larger version, weighing in at 8.5MB in Zipped PDF format.
Graphics are 300dpi at high quality JPEG compression (virtually no visible artefacts)

minimoog operation manual (3.3MB)
This is the "little brother", still a reasonable 3.3MB in Zipped PDF format.
Graphics are 300dpi at medium quality JPEG compression (most people won't notice)

Oh, and if you get any weird errors, try updating your version of Acrobat Reader.
Upgrading is a healthy and enjoyable experience. It will make you happy.

A3 versions: I can make these too. But please bear in mind that the original was US Letter size. If you want it to look good, you need US Letter paper. Mail me if you want A4.

Buy a Fully Printed Manual

I don't sell them, but a while back I bought a set of minimoog op/tech and micromoog op/tech manuals on Ebay (though I stress that all my scans are from my own original manuals, and not copies). The Ebay manuals seemed a little too cheap, so I wasn't that hopeful. When they arrived - I was in shock. I honestly don't know how the guy produces such truly amazing copies at such a low price (fully bound including the fold out schematics!!!). So if you want manuals printed, don't bother downloading my stuff and wasting inkjet cartridges, just follow this excellent link to Moog Freak's current auctions (if there are no manuals check back later). (ps -I get no money for this, the guy just sells amazing manuals)

Moog Minimoog Schematics Scans (from Service Manual)

These are the Technical Service Manual scans, scanned by me from an original Norlin Technical Service Manual. They cover the majority of the schematic diagrams included in this manual. Some "less important" scans have been excluded, but might be added in at a later date. Contact me if you think you're missing something vital. I recommend using "save file as" on these links, as the 300dpi images are extremely large pixel sizes. Please do NOT resell these scans or host them locally. I love links, I love traffic!!!

fig. description 300dpi 150dpi quick

minimoog technical manual cover (restored)
minimoog technical manual cover (original)

table of contents - schematics section
New Oscillator Circuit Board No. 1 Assembly
New Oscillator Circuit Board No. 1 Schematic
Old Oscillator Circuit Board No. 1 Schematic
Old Oscillator Circuit Board No. 1 Assembly
Matching Transistor Circuits
Contour Generator / Keyboard Circuit Board No. 2
Contour Generator / Keyboard No. 2 Schematic
Power Supply Printed Circuit Board No. 3 Schematic
Power Supply Printed Circuit Board No. 3 Assembly
Filter Printed Circuit Board No. 4 Assembly
Filter Printed Circuit Board No. 4 Schematic
Left Hand Controller Schematic Diagram
Rectifier Circuit Board No. 5 Schematic / Board Assembly
Octave Buffer Board No. 6 Schematic / Board Assembly
Left Hand Controller Assembly & Transformer Wiring
Front Panel Assembly Wiring Diagram
Interconnecting Wiring Diagram





Moog Minimoog Replacement Parts Lists (from Service Manual)

I almost overlooked these scans, and it seems they're actually quite important. This is a list and description of the Minimoog's components, to be used with the circuit diagrams above. This includes important information that isn't included on the schematics...

file no 300dpi 150dpi quick look

general mechanical / front panel
front panel / left hand controller
new oscillator circuit board 1
new oscillator circuit board 1
old oscillator circuit board 1
old oscillator circuit board 1
old oscillator contd / contour gen board 1
contour gen board 2
power supply circuit board 3
power supply circuit board 3
filter circuit board 4
filter circuit board 4
rectifier and filter board 5


Moog Minimoog Schematics Scans (from Operation Manual)

file 300dpi 150dpi quick look

minimoog schematics 01
minimoog schematics 02
minimoog schematics 03
minimoog schematics 04
minimoog schematics 05
minimoog schematics 06
minimoog schematics 07
minimoog schematics 08
minimoog schematics 09
minimoog schematics 10
minimoog schematics 11
minimoog schematics 12
minimoog schematics 13

scan 14 is the double-page spread.

Here it is intact:
minimoog schematics 14
and split in two for home printing:
minimoog schematics 14 a
minimoog schematics 14 b

More schematics are available
at SYNTHFOOL (kl is god).

692 kb
563 kb
475 kb
456 kb
608 kb
527 kb
340 kb
582 kb
361 kb
510 kb
452 kb
429 kb
381 kb

1400 kb

520 kb
601 kb

233 kb
174 kb
150 kb
200 kb
198 kb
150 kb
120 kb
186 kb
158 kb
178 kb
164 kb
136 kb
170 kb

527 kb

188 kb
219 kb

80 kb
47 kb
40 kb
51 kb
57 kb
41 kb
37 kb
47 kb
43 kb
60 kb
55 kb
41 kb
48 kb

151 kb

61 kb
62 kb

Moog Minimoog Sound Chart Scans (150dpi only - I got cheap)

file 300dpi 150dpi quick look

00 - minimoog sound charts intro text

01 - violin - viola - 'cello
02 - bass violin nowed - plucked - lute/harp
03 - mandolin - shamisen - harpsichord
04 - flute - piccolo - clarinet
05 - oboe - bassoon/english horn - trumpet
06 - trombone - tuba - french horn
07 - timpani - snare drum -xylophone
08 - tinkling bells - temple blocks - elec piano
09 - a good sound - goom - the moog cound
10 - moon chord - KE* aquatarkus - KE* trilogy
11 - bass guitar - jet plane -surf
12 - thunder - wind - exploding bomb
13 - gasoline engine - heart beat - siren
14 - vree o.. - martian kiss - running rhythm
15 - hindemoog - filter osc - gong
16 - night creatures - modifying external sound
17 - TLR sound - ring mod - hommage a...

18 - minimoog blank sound chart

* KE: Keith Emerson.

503 kb


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179 kb
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132 kb
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55 kb
55 kb
50 kb
49 kb
48 kb
52 kb
54 kb
53 kb
52 kb
56 kb
52 kb
57 kb
44 kb
53 kb

44 kb

Moog Minimoog Operation Manual Scans

file 300dpi 150dpi quick look

minimoog operation manual cover
minimoog operation manual photo
minimoog operation manual 01
minimoog operation manual 02
minimoog operation manual 03
minimoog operation manual 04
minimoog operation manual 05
minimoog operation manual 06
minimoog operation manual 07
minimoog operation manual 08
minimoog operation manual 09
minimoog operation manual 10
minimoog operation manual 11
minimoog operation manual 12
minimoog operation manual 13
minimoog operation manual 14
minimoog operation manual 15
minimoog operation manual 16
minimoog operation manual 17
minimoog operation manual 18
minimoog operation manual 19
minimoog operation manual tuning 1
minimoog operation manual tuning 2

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67 kb
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65 kb
62 kb
66 kb
86 kb
60 kb
75 kb
14 kb
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48 kb
38 kb
30 kb
49 kb
58 kb


Register your Minimoog's serial number with the Lords of the Mini
Harmony Central Review - Moog Minimoog
Brian Kehew's Minimoog Site - He's the Man!!!
Mike's Minimoog Manuals and Schematics (including the Technical Service Manual)
Synthfool - the original synthesizer resource site - schematics and a lot more.
Moog Archives - Factory photos and all the history
A new one - the complete list of moog modules (not really a minimoog page, but nice)

Don Tillman's excellent links page, which I'm linking too, as opposed to just copying....
and check Don's Electronic Music Articles as well
Lintronics - minimoog specialists. Get your midi cv kits, cv pedals and spare parts here.
Fred McNiff - more cool spare parts and a good place to fix that broken Moog

There are loads more out there, but this actually covers an awful lot (particularly with Don's link Page included - Good work Don!!!).....

And I also accept Link Submissions.

Images (click here for interior photos / circuit board photos )

minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog minimoog

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