Wednesday 31st October 2001
The Olympia Theatre
Sebastien Tellier Support

Air came back to play for us again, but we half screwed it up. Having heard about the gig well in advance, we then missed out on the ticket release date. Thus we ended up in the upper circle of the Olympia (the third story of seating). This made the view officially "bad".

Air were touring their 10,000hz Legend album, which I'm still in a split mind about. Some of it's good, but other parts are a little obvious. Either way I still think they're a great band, and that's why we were there (it was me, Dr. J, his new friend Sophie, and the Cockmaster).

The gig turned out to be only "OK" for us. It might have been better had we been down the front, but we weren't. The band played happily, but it seemed to lack the psycho energy of the first gig (perhaps through the lack of Justin on bass and the backing powers of the Moog Cookbook). This time the "rock balls" were provided by Jason Falkner (Jellyfish) on bass. To be extra bitchy, the vocoding seemed a little bit off and there weren't enough classic analog sounds floating around. The previous gig had been opened by a Minimoog playing the riff from "Close Encounters" until it Brian Kehew made it lose it's head.

It was still a good gig. Afterwards we went to a bar, which was kind of boring....

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