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Hurray - it's a June 2002 update to the "People" section.

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kid football
kid on pearse street
kids at leeson street
kids in tower records
kids outside tower records
man drilling gpo
man umbrella merrion street
man with big gold dog
men in kilts
men in suits henry street
men on girders 1
men on girders 2
men on girders 3
men on harcourt street
model in the green
monkees 1
monkees 2
monkees 3
monkees 4
monkees 5
monkees 6
mother and daughter
old ladies oconnell street
old lady bus wait
people gpo
people laughing grafton street
people phone boxes
people stall grafton street
people top grafton street
people townsend street
woman and pavement
woman mad mary 1
woman mad mary 2
woman mad mary 3

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