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Hurray - it's a June 2002 update to the "People" section.

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boy walking dog
child in buggy
child roped henry street
couple art gallery
couple at art
couple kissing at easons
couple on dart
garda on bike 1
garda on bike 2
girl blue hair grafton
girl club orange
girl on scooter
girl red black
girl red trousers
girl stepped out of salon
girl texting tired
girl umbrella superblue
girl wait blur
girls - one is lost
girls by the sea
girls modern at arcade
girls with nice dv gear
graffiti gone
graffiti no eec
graffiti on joe's block
graffiti poo
guy at georgian
guy in blue nike
guy in georgian capel street
guy is alan
guys havin' a smoke
guys locker room
guys walking in coats

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