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It's a February 2002 update to the "People" section.

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kids red wall
knock nun
man burning road
man cook
man crossing line
man dog bicycle
man dun laughaire
man khyber restaurant
man making sparks
man rain georges st
man umbrella coat 1
man umbrella coat 2
man waiting blur
men construction cold 1
men construction cold 2
men ladder ranelagh
mercury rev 011003 1
mercury rev 011003 2
mercury rev 011003 3
mercury rev 011003 4
mercury rev 011003 5
mercury rev 011003 6
mercury rev 011003 7
mercury rev 011003 8
old ladies rain
old man rain powerscourt
people camera grafton
people dun laoghaire
people happy happy happy
people in airport
people office
people stephens green 010821
people temple bar 010918
ron bassist 1
ron bassist 2
ron sexsmith 1
ron sexsmith 2
ron sexsmith 3
ron sexsmith 4
ron sexsmith 5
ron sexsmith 6
ron sexsmith 7
ron sexsmith 8
video sheep god
woman old bike

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