restaurant bella cuba
Bela Cuba restaurant
The Bella Cuba Restaurant in Ballsbridge. Yes, it's above an archway. No, I've never eaten there, and I just feel I never will.

Since I wrote that description, my site was crawled by Google, and now this page shows up as a high ranking link if you do a search with them for the Bella Cuba Restaurant (only one "L" though- I screwed up the spelling). So I felt that my comment was unfair in the semi-blaze of this accidental internet spotlight, and took the time to check with a pal of mine (Dr. J) what things were really like in the Bella Cuba Resataurant in Ballsbridge. Dr. J had in fact eaten in the Bella Cuba, and said that the food was very nice. So there.

Of course, I probably still won't ever eat there, but that's mainly because it's not my kind of restaurant. It's also far away from where I live....

If anyone else has any comments on the Bella Cuba please mail me and I'll put them up. And a big high to the Bella Cuba people if they happen to drop by. And please feel free to have a look around the rest of my site!!!
Bela Cuba restaurant

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